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Quite possibly my favorite announcement of E3 so far.


Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix - Trailer


E3 2014 is upon us!


Another year-long wait is nearly over. In less than 12 hours, the first of E3 2014’s many press conferences kicks off and Christmas comes early for millions of gamers around the world. What will the Big Three reveal? Do the other publishers have megatons up their sleeves? Is The Last Guardian canceled or not?!

It’s always a blast to gaze into the proverbial E3 crystal ball, make some crazy predictions, compare them with your friends, and see who was right. Here’s my list for 2014:


  • The Last Guardian PS4 gameplay on stage. Believe.
  • Sony debuts Project Beast and announces its proper title. NeoGAF crashes.
  • PlayStation Now comes to the public (out of beta) in the next few months.
  • The Order: 1886 gameplay shows off the prettiest fire tech in any game to date.
  • A crazy Morpheus/PS Move demo shows off a popular Sony IP in first-person for the first time.
  • An impressive live 3-player Destiny demo shows off some features Bungie hadn’t announced yet.
  • Battlefield: Hardline early beta announced, exclusive to PS4.
  • A 10-minute Uncharted 4 gameplay demo melts our brains like the Uncharted 2 demo did in 2009.
  • Square-Enix shows a new FFXV gameplay teaser and fanboys go insane.
  • Similarly, The Witcher 3 gets an on-stage demo and everyone’s jaw drops. Thunderous applause.
  • Sorry, no Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay to show! Maybe a new teaser.
  • Megaton(s): No fewer than three new IPs announced.

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BattleCry’s new game is… BattleCry!

Until today, Austin-based BattleCry Studios (helmed by ex-BioWare/SOE honcho Rich Vogel) had been secretly toiling away since 2012 on their first big project. Rumors were swirling, at least here in town: “Is it a mobile title? Is it a MOBA? Maybe a mobile MOBA?”

And now the cat’s out of the bag: BattleCry’s first game is BattleCry, a third-person, faction-based, free-to-play, melee-fueled, 32-player PC arena brawler… and it looks fantastic. That’s thanks in large part to creative direction from one Viktor Antonov (yes, of Half-Life 2 and Dishonored fame) and a seasoned team of artists from Retro Studios, BioWare, Crytek, Vigil Games, SOE, SCEA, and Edge of Reality.

Can’t wait to see more of this one at E3.


"Remember ALF? He’s back…"

… in flight safety video form. I reckon this’ll win an Ad Age award in their 2014 wrap-ups.


Finally saw CHRONICLE the other night and thought it would’ve been funnier if it ended like this.

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Not shown: the extended cut of this Ryse ad ending with “Just, uh… don’t look up the Metacritic score, okay?”


Xbox One Marketing is Getting Kind of Weird

Ryse certainly is one pretty game. But if it were anymore real, it’d be real? Save the crazy taglines and just show us Halo 5 already. 

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The Best Everything of 2013: Albums


Here we are. After covering the best Games, Movies, and Tracks (#1-10, #11-20) of the year, it’s time for The Best Albums of 2013. Let’s listen:

10. Letherette - Letherette

Sexy as hell, and under far too many radars last year. Ninja Tune was on fire in 2013.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Top 10 Tracks


And here we are: 2013’s Top 10 Tracks, according to me… an occasional DJ with too many opinions.

10. Jon Hopkins - “Abandon Window” (Album Version)

The most cinematic piece of the year. Essentially the 2013 equivalent of “13 Ghosts II”.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Tracks (#11-20)

With games and movies covered, it’s time for part three of The Best Everything of 2013: Best Tracks (#11-20).

These were the latter ten of my favorite 20 tracks of last year. I’ll get to #1-10 tomorrow, because I gotta sleep.

20. Phoenix - “Trying to Be Cool (Breakbot Remix)”

After being plagiarized by Bruno Mars earlier in the year, Breakbot returned to remind us who’s king with his better-than-the-original remix of Phoenix. Always a dancefloor favorite.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Movies


Part 2 of The Game Soup’s Best of Everything 2013 continues!

Next up: Movies.

Huge surprise! There’s a ton of stuff I didn’t see this year. Let’s start off with everything that probably should’ve ended up on my list:

10 Movies I Didn’t See (Yet):
Before Midnight
Short Term 12 
Blue Jasmine
The Wolf of Wall Street
Blue is the Warmest Color
12 Years a Slave
The Grandmaster 
Spring Breakers
The Place Beyond the Pines

Ah, but here’s the best of what I did see:

10. THE WORLD’S END (dir. Edgar Wright)

It’s Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Martin Freeman in a drunken apocalypse flick. Of course it was great.

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