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"Remember ALF? He’s back…"

… in flight safety video form. I reckon this’ll win an Ad Age award in their 2014 wrap-ups.


Finally saw CHRONICLE the other night and thought it would’ve been funnier if it ended like this.

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Not shown: the extended cut of this Ryse ad ending with “Just, uh… don’t look up the Metacritic score, okay?”


Xbox One Marketing is Getting Kind of Weird

Ryse certainly is one pretty game. But if it were anymore real, it’d be real? Save the crazy taglines and just show us Halo 5 already. 

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The Best Everything of 2013: Albums


Here we are. After covering the best Games, Movies, and Tracks (#1-10, #11-20) of the year, it’s time for The Best Albums of 2013. Let’s listen:

10. Letherette - Letherette

Sexy as hell, and under far too many radars last year. Ninja Tune was on fire in 2013.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Top 10 Tracks


And here we are: 2013’s Top 10 Tracks, according to me… an occasional DJ with too many opinions.

10. Jon Hopkins - “Abandon Window” (Album Version)

The most cinematic piece of the year. Essentially the 2013 equivalent of “13 Ghosts II”.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Tracks (#11-20)

With games and movies covered, it’s time for part three of The Best Everything of 2013: Best Tracks (#11-20).

These were the latter ten of my favorite 20 tracks of last year. I’ll get to #1-10 tomorrow, because I gotta sleep.

20. Phoenix - “Trying to Be Cool (Breakbot Remix)”

After being plagiarized by Bruno Mars earlier in the year, Breakbot returned to remind us who’s king with his better-than-the-original remix of Phoenix. Always a dancefloor favorite.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Movies

Part 2 of The Game Soup’s Best of Everything 2013 continues!

Next up: Movies.

Huge surprise! There’s a ton of stuff I didn’t see this year. Let’s start off with everything that probably should’ve ended up on my list:

10 Movies I Didn’t See:
Before Midnight
Short Term 12 
Blue Jasmine
The Wolf of Wall Street
Blue is the Warmest Color
12 Years a Slave
The Grandmaster 
Spring Breakers
The Place Beyond the Pines

Ah, but here’s the best of what I did see:

10. THE WORLD’S END (dir. Edgar Wright)

It’s Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Martin Freeman in a drunken apocalypse flick. Of course it was great.

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The Best Everything of 2013: Games


Welcome to The Game Soup’s Best Everything of 2013! Instead of one super-long insaneballs post, this will be split into a series of five. First up: Video Games.

Before I get into my Top 10, I should get all of the “must play” titles I didn’t play (yet) out of the way:

Games I Didn’t Play:
Tomb Raider
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Super Mario 3D World
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Fire Emblem: Awakenings
Saints Row IV
Kentucky Route Zero
The Stanley Parable
Device 6

I’ll play those someday. Yes, I played GTA V. Okay, here we go:

10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [360/PS3/PC]
Take Far Cry 3's stellar open-world FPS gameplay, pile on a megaton of neon and dumb ’80s references, and hire Michael Biehn to voice it? Sounded too good to be, well, good… but it was! Fact: Blood Dragon's final 30 minutes rivaled any game ending last year. 

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Oh hey, Spotify finally added custom Follow buttons. Let me find new music for you.

Like this gem. Rae & Christian are back!

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Xbox One TV spot: Play with robots, zombies, and a $1.15 million car

Microsoft’s finally bringing out their TV spots for the Xbox One, and the first one’s a doozy.

With Super Bowl ad director Bryan Buckley at the helm and CP+B on creative, “Invitation” invites some unusually attractive everymen to climb into a Titanfall robot, play FIFA 14 with Stephen Gerrard, join the apocalypse in Dead Rising 3, drive a $1+ million McLaren in Forza 5, and frolic with Zachary Quinto on, uh… Netflix.

Here’s the not-really-a-making-of “making of” video, much of which contains talking heads from Microsoft: 

I still won’t buy an Xbox One until the price drops below $399 and the console itself becomes smaller than a 1983 VCR. As a somewhat recent Sony convert, I’m reassured by the latest insider-confirmed reports that the Xbox One runs Call of Duty: Ghosts at 720p while the PS4 runs it at 1080p at 60 frames per second.

But I do love this ad.